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Prolonged tendonitis, low self-esteem pretty much described my life as a musician only a few years ago. Today I'm an active and versatile musician working both as a violinist and violist.

Why exactly?


Musicians are among the most passionate and dedicated people I know. Think about this for a second; how many hours have you actually spent with your instrument?


And how much time (according to all those hours practising music) have you dedicated to learning about that body and how it can function in a healthier way when playing? Or how your mind and emotions affect it all?


I used to feel like my body and mind stood in the way of me performing at my best. But little did I know that every single muscle, and thought, were trying their very best to help me, yet... their programming needed some serious upgrades. 


Let's make sure you have the best software installed for your career and life in general. Ready to make this journey with music more fun?



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“Elin's private lessons made me more aware of how the body can give us a feeling of stability, but also how it can help us to achieve a better sound quality while playing. I still use her techniques in daily practice, orchestra, and also in my teaching.”​


—  Roealand Henkens, Principal Trumpet, Den Norske Opera og Ballett

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