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Upcoming courses:

Meditation made simple - in Trondheim! 

24TH - 26TH January, 2020

Learn simple and effective techniques that bring you to a direct experience of peace, happiness and freedom. They involve no belief and can be easily practiced by anyone of any age or cultural background. Perfect for any musician who wants more focus, motivation and inspiration in their life. 



Teachers: Emilie Storaas (jazz singer, Timani Teacher and Meditation Teacher) & Elin Marie Christensen


Timani Introductory course for Musicians - in Oslo

27TH - 29TH MARCH, 2020

As musicians we are completely dependent on the coordination skills of our body. The interplay of muscular use is really complex, and it is therefore useful to have specific knowledge about what is actually going on when we play and sing. This is where Timani comes in as a unique supplement to traditional teaching methods. Timani can help musicians and teachers  to develop a deep understanding of the body and its function while playing and singing, based on anatomy and science.

Teachers: Eline Rafteseth (double bass player, Timani Teacher & Meditation Teacher) & Elin Marie Christensen (violin/viola)

(In Norwegian)

Want to attend a course, but there's not one close to you?

Or feeling ready to understand how to get your body on board with your goals but there's not a course soon enough? Then I deeply recommend joining

Timani Online Community! (more info below)​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Timani Online Community includes everything you should know about the body in order to become, or stay, a healthy and embodied musician. It teaches you which specific muscles to use when playing/singing. Learning how to optimise coordination will make a difference to your sound immediately!


I'm a proud affiliate of this program. If you sign up via me you'll get 20% off any live or online session with me as a bonus!



Curious about what Timani Community can give you?